Bayliss, Thomas safety bicycle c 1892-93

Not much is known about the Bayliss, Thomas safeties, although a lot of those cycles must have been built.
The examples I know of, are top class bicycles with very specific features.
Can't miss a Bayliss Thomas!
I estimate this example on 1892-93, serial number is 14431 B. 

This one is not fully complete, but it has interesting details like the pneumatic tyres, the slightly curved saddle tube and the direct spokes. The pneumatic tyres of this 'balloon' type present a problem for the 21st century restorer. Front wheel needs a 30 inch tire and this size is obsolete. Thats why most owners decide to place dummy tyres or solid ones - very heavy. 

Nickle etc. is original and very well preserved on this safety bicycle. The half-round clamps on the rear axle have been remade by the current owner. We do not know how the original parts should look.
Note there is a very similar Bayliss Thomas on my site, yet with tangent spokes, cushion tyres and straight seat tube. Serial numbers of both bicycles are on different locations and not really in line.